How To Use A Text Replacement Shortcut On Your iPhone

Find yourself writing the same text frequently on your iPhone? Use a text replacement shortcut to save a lot of time! My favorite trick is use my initials to enter my email address! By simply pressing pjc on my phone, my phone turns my initials into my full email address. This will work most anywhere on the phone where you are entering data. It can even be a longer phrase that you use often, perhaps on email or texting.

  1. Open the “Settings” app and then tap on “General”.
  1. Tap on “Keyboard”.
  1. Tap on “Text Replacement”.
  1. Here you will see a list of the shortcuts and the words/phrases they produce. For example typing na will automatically change into “Need anything?” Let’s add our own by tapping the “+” at the top right to add a new text replacement shortcut.
  1. The phrase that you want to have appear goes in the “Phrase” box and the letters you want to use for your shortcut will go in the “Shortcut” box. When you are satisfied, click the “Save” button to save your new shortcut.
  1. Now you can exit the Settings app and try it out! Try opening an new email, note or text. Enter your new shortcut and press the spacebar (to complete the word) and replace the text like magic! A very handy feature indeed!