How To Turn On WiFi Calling On Your iPhone

Cell service weak? We’ve all been in areas where that is the case! If you have good WiFi coverage, you may be in luck! Letting your iPhone use your WiFi network to connect to your provider may drastically improve your cell coverage.

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone and tap “Cellular”.
  1. Tap “Wi-Fi Calling”.
  1. Make sure the slider to the right of “Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone” is green/turned on. You can also tap on “Update Emergency Address” to provide physical address information in case you need to dial 911.

Now that WiFi Calling has been turned on, you can exit the Settings app. You may notice that your carrier is listed differently when you’re connected to using WiFi Calling. Verizon is listed as VZW WiFi and AT&T is listed as ATT WiFi. You can repeat the steps above to turn off this feature at any time.