How To Check iPhone Storage

  1. To check how much storage space you have left on your iPhone (and what is using up the space that is there!) first open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  1. Tap on “General”.
  1. Tap on “iPhone Storage”.
  1. Give the phone a few moments to tally up what you’ve used on the phone for storage. The top of the screen will show you how much capacity you have and how much of it you are using.
  1. If you scroll down the list (sorted by space usage) you can see what is taking up the most amount of space.
  1. In my case, there were two Apple apps that I wasn’t using that were taking up over 2GB of space between them: GarageBand and iMovie. Notice that it says when these apps were “Last Used” as how much space they are taking up. (To be fair, these are both great Apps from Apple and I just haven’t used them on this phone yet.)
  1. Tap once on the app to remove (I’ll start with iMovie) and you’ll see a screen like this. Notice that the iMovie app takes up 600MB of data, but the “Documents & Data” (the movies I’ve made with my kids) are 2,520 MB or 2.52GB! If I need/want to remove these two apps I have two options: Offload or Delete. Offload will remove the app but leave the data you’ve created … delete will remove both … so choose carefully!
  1. In my case, I will choose “Offload App” and will see this confirmation at the bottom.
  1. If I had chosen “Delete App” I would have seen a similar confirmation at the bottom when deleting the app.
  1. You can repeat steps 5-10 to remove any additional applications that you are no longer using.