Best Bets: Portable External Backup Hard Drive

Having an external backup hard drive is a must. Even if you trust your backup to a cloud based service, you should always have a copy of your data saved locally just in case.

See [This Guide] for how to setup a backup using TimeMachine on a mac.

See [This Guide] for how to setup a backup using Windows Backup.

When purchasing an external backup drive, we’re going to want something with: a lot of space, a small footprint and a reasonable price.

You could save a few dollars and get a smaller drive, but don’t! The extra storage capacity will give you more backup space and allow you to save more history to this drive to keep you safe. Keep an eye on the prices, as the 5TB drives are coming down in price too.

Here are four great options from Seagate and Western Digital that are excellent drives and always a good value:

The drives above are similar enough that you can choose the one that is offered at the best price.

If you think you’ll disconnect this drive to store it, you might want to invest in one of these inexpensive hard drive cases to transport/store it safely.